Viewsafe Base Unit:


Viewsafe is the ultimate system for the safe condition monitoring and maintenance of live electrical switchgear assets. Complete Partial Discharge Measurement, Infrared Thermographic Scanning, Visual Inspection and CO² Emergency access when required.


Viewsafe Infrared Window Slide:

viewsafe-2   viewsafe-3

To allow the thermal inspection of equipment, integrating Viewsafe with Fluke IR Windows gives users the safest and most effective method of monitoring and maintaining their electrical equipment and assets.

The Fluke Infrared (IR) Window prevents direct exposure to live electrical assets, and as a result, protects the operator should an arc flash occur during inspection.


Viewsafe Partial Discharge Maintenance Slide:

viewsafe-4   viewsafe-5

With the production of Viewsafe Partial Discharge Maintenance Slide, the capability of UltraTEV Plus+™ to detect partial discharge via TEV and ultrasonic measurement has been increased.

The maintenance slide allows the ultrasonic acoustic sensor a direct line into the electrical cabinet under inspection. The maintenance slide helps to minimise the distortion of obtained readings via noise interference in the surrounding area.


CO² Emergency Maintenance Slide:

viewsafe-6   viewsafe-7

In the event of a switchboard emergency through electrical failure, the Viewsafe CO² Emergency Maintenance Slide helps to reduce damages to the equipment and surrounding areas, whilst ensuring operator safety.

Should an electrical fire result from equipment failure, the CO² Emergency Maintenance Slide allows user immediate CO² access into the electrical panel.


Visual Inspection Slide:

viewsafe-8   viewsafe-9

The Visual Inspection Slide provides users with an enlarged viewing port to visually inspect electrical equipment and components inside a panel safely and efficiently.

It helps to remove the need for an electrical panel to be isolated when a visual inspection is required, thus avoiding both downtime and unnecessary cost.


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