logoboxCondition Monitoring for electrical plant and equipment works! That’s our belief.

Condition monitoring is the process of monitoring parameters in electrical plant and equipment, such that a significant change is indicative of deterioration, wear and tear or a developing failure. We recognize that plants, buildings and facilities cannot simply be shut down at any time for inspection or maintenance work. This would cause disruption to the electrical installations and unnecessary downtime for your business.

The purpose of Condition Monitoring is to allow preventive maintenance to be scheduled, or other actions to be taken to avoid plant / equipment failures before they occur. Condition Monitoring helps to extend the operating lifespan of electrical plant and equipment, by providing indicators as to the extent of deterioration, wear and tear, and ageing.

At CM Werkz Pte Ltd, we offer Transformer Insulating oil testing for oil-filled power transformers.  With these tests, we are able to describe how the concentration of dissolved gases or free gases may be interpreted to diagnose the condition of oil-filled electrical plant and equipment in service and recommend future action, if any.

The oil samples collected from site are sent to Select Solutions, an established NATA-certified laboratory for testing. Select Solutions is the laboratory that conduct oil testing for thousands of transformers in the SP PowerGrid network in Singapore.

At the laboratory, the oil samples are analyzed by professional and experienced chemists, who are aware of the behavior of transformers operating in a tropical country like Singapore. Our value-added services include professional advice on the test results, recommendation on the frequency of testing of the oil samples, keeping record of the test results and tracking the frequency of tests.

At CM Werkz Pte Ltd, we deploy the latest handheld PD locator for PD site measurement.  The PD locator is a fully portable, multi-functional system for investigating and recording PD activity in unprecedented detail.  If site PD measurements indicate high PD signal at the high voltage equipment / apparatus, PD monitoring is then recommended to determine whether the PD signal is originating from the HV equipment or due to environmental noise.

With our range of condition monitoring services and products, we seek to help our customers extend the operating lifespan of their electrical plant and equipment, by giving indication of the extent of deterioration, wear and tear, and ageing.