Doble Engineering Company, U.S.A.

Diagnostic instruments, services and the world’s premier library of statistically significant apparatus test results for the benefit of energy generation and delivery companies and industrial power users worldwide.   ? View More

Morgan Schaffer Limited, Canada

Morgan Schaffer is a global utility solution provider located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Their solutions are sold in over 90 countries to both electrical utilities with generation and transmission assets and original equipment manufacturers of large transmission transformers. ? View More

Vanguard Instruments Inc., U.S.A.

Currently, its 28,000 square-foot facility houses Administration, Design & Engineering, and Manufacturing operations. From its inspection, VIC’s vision was and is to develop and manufacture innovative. ? View More

Axzon Inc., U.S.A.

Formerly known as RF Micron. Axzon design and manufacture Smart Temperature Monitoring system to protect critical electrical installations by alerting on temperature increases that point to impending failures. ? View More

DryTrans, U.A.E.

Designed and manufactured in United Arab Emirates, DryTrans increase the life of the transformers and slow the ageing rate. DryTrans’s series of moisture management system effectively reduces the moisture in oil-filled transformers. ? View More

SATIR Europe (Ireland) Co. Ltd.

One of the world’s leading civilian thermal imaging system manufacturers. Dedicated to a wide range of industrial, commercial and governmental thermal imaging activities. Satir is the manufacturer of world-class thermography cameras. ? View More

Viewsafe Ltd, U.K.

Viewsafe is the ultimate system for the safe condition monitoring and maintenance of live electrical switchgear assets. Complete Thermal Imaging, Ultrasonic Partial Discharge, Visual inspection as well as gain CO2 Emergency access when required. ? View More